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Commissioning Provider Curriculum Online Course

BCxA Commissioning Provider Coursework

The Commissioning Provider curriculum covers fundamental concepts of building science and the process of commissioning for new and existing buildings. You will learn how building systems and assemblies work, how to detect problems, and how to analyze proper building performance.

Online coursework, fulfilled within one year at your own pace. You will commission real building systems using BCxA-approved Best Practices.

After successfully completing the online and on-site modules, you will be awarded (1) AIA Continuing Education Credits for completed work, and (2) your internationally-recognized Certificate of Completion from the Building Commissioning Association's BCxA University.

Module 1 – Fundamentals of Commissioning
In this module, participants will learn fundamental processes of commissioning for new and existing buildings. The module content focuses on phases of the commissioning process, commissioning procedures, required documentation and project deliverables. (2 courses, 17 lessons, approximately 6 instructional hours)

Module 2: Commissioning Systems & Equipment
In this module, participants will learn the fundamentals of building system and equipment operations and describe the various types of building systems and equipment and how these systems operate. This module discusses the building thermal envelope, facility operating requirements, facility energy considerations and energy analysis. Participants will be introduced to mechanical systems and equipment, including air handling units, chilled water systems, hot water and steam heating, boilers, chillers, domestic water systems, electrical systems and equipment and control systems. Participants in this module will be able to identify and describe the basic operation of building systems and equipment. (13 courses, 54 lessons, approximately 19 instructional hours)

Module 3 – Systems Performance & Analysis
In this module, participants will learn the performance of the building operation and system design. This module emphasizes the analysis of air distribution systems, hydronic heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, control systems, functional performance testing, system evaluation and installation requirements. Participants will be able to identify the building’s operational system design and diagnose common issues and resolutions. (9 courses, 33 lessons, approximately 12 instructional hours)

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