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Module 2 | Course 4: Introduction to Mechanical Systems & Equipment

Course 4: Introduction to Mechanical Systems & Equipment
This course provides an introduction to mechanical systems and equipment, including mechanical drawings, fan terms, types and configurations, pump components and characteristics, heat exchanger types and characteristics, motor fundamentals, motor types and efficiencies, variable frequency drive (VFD) applications and characteristics, as well as piping systems and accessories.

Lesson 1: MEP Fundamentals - Mechanical Drawings
Lesson 2: Fan Terms, Types & Configurations
Lesson 3: Pump Components & Characteristics
Lesson 4: Heat Exchanger Types & Characteristics
Lesson 5: Motor Fundamentals
Lesson 6: Motor Types and Efficiencies
Lesson 7: Variable Frequency Drive Applications & Characteristics
Lesson 8: Piping Systems & Accessories

After completing these lessons, participants will be able to describe the uses of mechanical drawing and documents and define and explain mechanical terminology such as fan laws, pump curves, motor efficiencies, open and closed loop piping systems, as well as expansion and compression systems.
Individual CEUs and Course Price: 2.75 AIA General LUs