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Technical Account Manager Office Hours (Beta)

We have an amazing team of Technical Account Managers (TAMs) who are dedicated to assisting you with any Path Admin-related questions. The Path Admin Support module (i.e. Ticketing System) directs your admin-related questions to the Technical Account Managers as tickets so you can receive resolutions and advice efficiently.

In addition to our Ticketing System, we will be Beta testing a “TAM Office Hours” program to further help our clients! Based on feedback we have received we now know...

  • Some clients prefer asking questions verbally vs. in a ticket or email
  • Some clients learn more effectively by viewing a live demo
  • You don't know what you don't know; clients may have missed something from the Path release notes
  • Clients can learn a lot by hearing questions asked by others in the Path Admins community

We would love to invite you to this Beta program! See below for details.

  • We will be hosting these sessions bi-weekly from June 10th through August 24th
  • If this program is a success/is highly valuable to our clients during this initial phase, we will continue this program
  • We will be limiting each session to 10 Admins 
  • There will be at least two TAMs present for each session
  • Each session will be 45 minutes
  • We will come prepared with ~15 minutes of demo items based on feedback from the pre-event survey below. The survey is not required to register but will definitely help to tailor the webinars to what you need the most help with and/or want to hear about. We will keep the rest of the session open for other questions.
  • If a question is very specific, or would take longer than 10 minutes to explain, we may suggest that we take your question "off-line" to allow for as many questions as possible
  • Registration will close 24 hours in advance of each event
    Ask us anything, and we'll do what we can to help!
    We look forward to having you join us. 

    Please note:
    These events are for current Path Admins only
    You will be prompted to create an account when registering for a session