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Path LMS Features Webinar: Ratings, Discussions, & Power Admin Search

Please note: Some features may have changed since this webinar was first broadcast. Make sure to reach out to your Technical Account Manager with any additional questions.

Join Blue Sky eLearn for a webinar showcasing the most recent feature releases for Path LMS™! We’ll be doing live demos and answering all of your questions about:
  • Course Ratings: Learn how to allow your learners to leave star ratings on your courses and empower your team to make strategic decisions around content delivery.
  • Discussions: Find out how our native discussions feature allows your learners to have extended conversations about the content you provide.
  • Power Admin Search: Discover how to streamline your workflow by using the Power Admin Search function to quickly find, add, and edit items within Path LMS.
Additionally, we’ll review why each feature was created or updated, show some simple configurations, and direct you to more complex instructions.

Path LMS was built to help you capture, manage, and deliver online educational content to your audience. These new features will help you use Path LMS to its full potential, unlocking opportunities for you and your organization.