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The Secrets to Keeping Learners Engaged during Your Virtual Events

Are you worried folks are logging in to your events but not paying attention? Maybe your learner evaluations aren’t where you’d like them to be? Are you hearing… crickets?

Interactivity is essential to not only keeping your attendees’ attention but also increasing their learning so they can make an applicable impact in their profession. We will teach you 3 tangible ways to increase the level of engagement in your virtual events:
  • Acknowledge your learners at the beginning
  • Engage your learners in the middle
  • Guide your learners at the end
Once you bring together these three concepts with a plan for implementing the tools needed for each, your presentations will be more interactive and engaging for your learners. No more crickets!

During this webinar, you will:
  • Learn how to apply the three ways to increase engagement to your next even
  • Explore instructional design principles that will help you create a replicable format for your virtual presentation
  • Evaluate various presenter tools to determine which make the most sense for your association
  • Discover ways to coach Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to make their presentations more engaging