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The Unspoken Value of Association Sponsorships: Learning Content!

The Unspoken Value of Association Sponsorships:
Learning Content!
Webinar Description
When associations' staff and board are asked about the value of corporate sponsorships, they often say "money"; "money to underwrite project costs"; "money to reduce member dues and registration fees."

While associations need revenue, they also need learning content to fulfill members' growing needs for solutions, models, tools, research, and more.

In this webinar with strategic advisor and consultant, Bruce Rosenthal, you’ll:
  • Discover how to leverage sponsorships to fulfill your members' demands for learning content.
  • Understand how asking your sponsors to produce content for members can increase sponsorship fees.
  • Find out how making content readily available to your members can be a win-win-win for members, sponsors, and your association.


Bruce Rosenthal
Founder, Bruce Rosenthal Associates
Bruce Rosenthal is a strategic advisor, consultant, and educator to associations and not-for-profit organizations, creating corporate partnership programs that increase revenue, add membership/constituent value, and foster organizational sustainability. He demonstrates leadership in identifying and cultivating sponsorship and partnership best practices, opportunities, and solutions as Convener of the Partnership Professionals Network (PPN).