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From Intuition to Insight: Transitioning to Data-Driven Learning Strategies

From Intuition to Insight:
Transitioning to Data-Driven Learning Strategies
Webinar Description
Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making in your eLearning initiatives with Dr. Kristen Wall, MA, EdD. Join us for an enlightening webinar where we delve into the intricacies of reporting and analytics, revealing how you can leverage these insights to elevate your eLearning programs and strategies.

Explore the following key areas with us:
  • Maximizing ROI in eLearning: Learn the art of presenting compelling data to secure executive buy-in through success metrics.
  • Efficient Data Collection: Discover streamlined methods for accurately obtaining data without investing excessive time and resources.
  • Interpreting Data: Uncover the meaningful insights behind your collected data and leverage them to refine your eLearning strategies effectively.
  • Surveys and Course Evaluations: Explore innovative approaches to gathering valuable feedback and optimizing course evaluations.

This webinar will guide you through the transformative journey of integrating data analytics into your educational strategies. Gain insights into the benefits, navigate potential challenges, and acquire practical steps to propel your eLearning initiatives to new heights. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your decision-making processes and enhance the impact of your eLearning programs.


Dr. Kristen Wall, MA, EdD
Director of Learning and Development
Dr. Kristen Wall, MA, EdD is the Director of Learning and Development at Blue Sky eLearn. Holding a master's and doctorate in Adult Learning, Kristen specializes in bringing effective assessment strategies and qualitative research to enrich the learning programs of Blue Sky eLearn clients.

Starting as a junior high teacher, Kristen's journey led her to higher education, where she empowered countless online adult learners for over 15 years. Her passion for faculty development flourished, providing engaging learning opportunities for over 800 adjunct faculty members teaching 2,600 courses annually.

In 2018, Kristen embraced a new adventure as a consultant, and destiny led her to Blue Sky eLearn, where she now thrives as the Director of Learning and Development. She’s worked with associations in a diverse group of industries, from medicine and healthcare to insurance and state government.

Beyond her professional pursuits, she finds joy in hiking, travel, and detective novels.