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The Power of Federated Search: Supercharge Member Engagement

The Power of Federated Search: Supercharge Member Engagement
Webinar Description
Do your members have a hard time finding the content they are looking for on your website? Do you get complaints that you have too many separate content sources? Do you feel like you need a better content strategy, especially as AI continues to become more prevalent?

Many organizations are not feeling confident in their approach to distributing content and, as a result, are finding it increasingly more difficult to capture the attention of their members and create engagement online.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how associations like yours are aggregating their valuable content—whether it’s from your LMS, online community, publications, or any other outside data source—and distributing it in a curated way from a federated index. In other words, pulling all your third-party data into one single knowledge base.

What You’ll Learn:
  • How to create a 'content hub' that can consolidate content from multiple disparate sources into one
  • How content visualization can increase member engagement
  • How your LMS content can be prioritized in all searches on your website content


Johnny Clayton
Co-Founder, FUSE Search
Johnny is an association industry veteran. He provides professional consulting services for sales strategy, internet development, and search solutions. Over the years, he's led sales initiatives and managed teams for the largest and most successful AMS companies in the business. His experience and market acumen brings sound perspectives on how he can best serve clients’ ongoing technology and business needs.


Adam Hostetter
CEO, FUSE Search
A natural communicator and leader, Adam speaks to a myriad of technology issues and thrives on developing trusting relationships with teams and business partners. He's been a developer, run software engineering groups, played accountant and therapist, and done most other things in-between. Adam was appointed to American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Technology Council in 2013 and speaks regularly at industry events.