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Association Value Prop Remix & Laying the Track for Member Persona Creation

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Associations often struggle with defining the needs and value for their members to increase member engagement and association relevance. Understanding your member segments and creating meaningful personas will help your association tailor messaging and benefits to ensure a personalized and ideal member experience.

Up10 Solutions will lay down the track with actionable steps and examples to help you turn up the volume on what resonates with your members and put that value on blast so your prospective members start singing your tune.
  • Learn how you can redefine your value propositions to better inform messaging and offerings for current and prospective members
  • Discover ways to leverage your data to create personas, identifying value for future outreach and engagement
  • Bring your members to life and your prospects to the door
  • Walk away with ways to position your benefits and experiential offerings so your members feel their dues investment is not only justified, but worth it
Join us and leave with songs for your playlist and takeaways to help with your to-do list!