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Unprecedented Growth or Sustained Decline?: How to Create the Future You Want for Your Association

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The global pandemic has challenged associations in unprecedented ways. Some associations are experiencing phenomenal growth while others are experiencing considerable decline. Whatever the case may be for your association, it's not enough just to hope for the best or ride out the storm. There are strategic change management, crisis communication, and member engagement strategies every association needs to be mindful of deploying right now to ensure the association is positioned for sustainable, long-term growth.

Sarah Sladek is a renowned membership growth strategist and futurist with an extensive background in media and communications. She's authored three books for ASAE and consulted with associations globally, helping them transition out of membership decline, further their reach, and build stronger relationships with members. She brings thought-provoking and valuable insights to this webinar, as well as key take-aways your association can begin to use immediately.