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An Instructional Designer's Guide to Exceptional Virtual Events

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It’s official: Most associations and event planners have made the long-term switch to virtual events. In fact, according to Event Manager Blog's Experience Design Report (2021), “Almost three-quarters of planners (71%) plan to continue to employ a digital strategy to maintain their virtual audience once they return to physical events.”

So, for most associations, virtual events will now become one of the primary drivers of membership and education revenue. Understanding how to design and deploy engaging webinars may well be the most valuable instructional design skill of this decade.

During this interactive 45-minute webinar, we’ll take an in-depth look, from an instructional designer’s perspective, at how to design and deploy an exceptional Virtual Event or Virtual Event Conference, including:

  • A review of and access to BSE’s landmark Virtual Event planning document: “Working with SMEs to Execute a Flawless Webinar,” which details:
    • Defining the role of the Virtual Event Planner and Strategist
    • Key elements and timelines in planning, executing, and analyzing the success of a virtual event
    • Designing the virtual event marketing plan
    • Developing well-conceived interactions, transitions, scripts, and course descriptions
    • Aligning learning objectives, scope, and sequencing and subject matter experts
    • Communicating and engaging with subject matter experts