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Create and Communicate a Compelling Value Proposition™ to Win More New Members and Customers

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  • Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE

    Bill Cates is the author of Get More Referrals Now! and Beyond Referrals. His new book, Radical Relevance, is scheduled for release in July, 2017. Bill has been credited with revolutionizing the way many types of organizations acquire more and better members/clients/customers through a more compelling value proposition combined with referrals marketing programs. He is a highly sought-after international speaker – inducted into the Professional Speakers Hall of Fame in 2010.

    You can expect a high-content, and engaging session. You can also expect to receive powerful and practical strategies that will have an immediate impact on your efforts to win more members/customers.

March 24, 2017
Fri 10:00 AM PDT

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.