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SUPERVISION WORKSHOP SERIES: Deconstructing the Supervisory Relationship

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Course Description:
This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their role as supervisor and the nature of the supervisory relationship, to practice supervisory interventions with proven effectiveness, and to develop their personal philosophy of supervision congruent with their theory of psychotherapy. This workshop will be both didactic and experiential, leaving participants with concrete ideas to apply immediately in supervision, as well as a conceptual framework for understanding the complexities of the supervisory relationship.

Credit Hours:
6 Hours

Learning Objectives:
The presentation will provide an overview of:
  • Identify the four stages of the Conscious Competence model of learning.
  • Evaluate developmental goodness of fit between supervisor and supervisee.
  • Deconstruct one supervisory encounter applying the principles of parallel process/isomorphism, transference and countertransference.
  • Articulate three strategies to address power and contextual differences within the supervisory relationship.
  • Articulate three components of their philosophy of supervision.
  • Describe three supervisory interventions and how to evaluate their usefulness.
The user acknowledges that the workshops, handouts, and related course materials contained therein are intended for educational purposes only, and should not be considered to be legal advice or a substitute for legal or clinical consultation. These presentations address issues that are multi-faceted, and the user should not assume that the courses discuss every law, regulation, or ethical code that may be relevant to the subject matter. Legal and ethical standards are subject to change and it is always prudent to check to see whether a particular law, regulation, or ethical standard may have changed.