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Overview of the Department of Managed Health Care and Help Center

Mary Watanabe, Deputy Director, Health Policy and Stakeholder Relations, with the California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) will provide an overview of DMHC, the government agency dedicated to regulating 121 plans and protecting the health care rights of over 25 million consumers. The webinar will focus on the DMHC Help Center, which has helped more than 1.7 Californians understand their health care rights and to resolve complaints with their health plans. The webinar will include information on the following:
  • Overview of the Independent Medical Review (IMR) and Complaint Process and how to submit the form to the DMHC Help Center.
  • Tips and best practices for assisting a client with access, coverage or billing issues, including denials of physical therapy services
  • The importance of the IMR and Complaint process in informing policy, legislative and regulatory actions.
  • Overview of DMHC’s Provider Complaint Unit and Provider Complaint process.

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