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PLEASE NOTE: At this time, CAMFT is not an APA approved CE provider for psychologists home study courses (Continuing education where an Instructor is not present).

As a licensee, you must complete six (6) hours of continuing education in law and ethics each license renewal period (L&E/CE).  You can earn two (2) of your six (6) credits of L&E/CE by reading the articles in The Therapist that are about legal and ethical issues, and then responding to the questions below.  Once you have read the articles,  you will be able to take the CE test.  

You must get at least 70% of your answers correct to earn the two credits of L&E/CE ("Passing Score").  If you achieve the Passing Score, you will be able to move to the next step and complete the Evaluation.

Upon completion of the Evaluation, you will be able to print a CE Certificate for you records.

All BBS-licensees must obtain 36 CE credits/hours every renewal period. Effective July 1, 2015, licensees may gain ALL of their required CE hours through self-study (previously limited to one-half of the total hours), if the self-study course is offered by an acceptable CE provider.  A continuing education "course" is defined in regulations as a form of systematic learning at least one hour in length including, but not limited to, academic studies, extension studies, lectures, conferences, seminars, workshops, viewing of videotapes or film instruction, viewing or participating in other audio visual activities including interactive video instruction and activities electronically transmitted from another location that has been verified and approved by the continuing education provider."

Processing Fee - Members: $20 / Non-Members: $35

Please Note: Continuing education credits will only be awarded for The Therapist self-study tests that are taken and submitted to CAMFT within one year and one issue of the magazine/test's publication date. For example: A test printed in the May/June 2014 of The Therapist magazine cannot be submitted for continuing education credit in July of 2016 because the test appeared in a magazine that was published more than one year and one issue ago.

Refunds/Cancellations: Choose your courses carefully!  There will be no refunds issued for any products from the On-Demand Learning Library. If you experience a problem please contact CAMFT's Info Center at (858) 292-2638 or via email at