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Enrollment Management - Yes, Even CSD Programs Need to Think About This! - Recording

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Graduate programs in audiology and speech-language pathology have a history of large applicant pools from which to select students, and many have not employed strategic marketing plans. Given the importance of ensuring maximum diversity and inclusion in our professions as well as projected declines in the population of individuals seeking graduate degrees, the need for CSD programs to carefully consider and implement strategic enrollment plans is becoming critical.

In this webinar, we will cover the key milestones in the enrollment funnel and attendees will develop strategies for encouraging movement through these milestones. We will focus on the features of WebAdmit (CSDCAS) and CRMs that can make use of these strategies feasible for busy program directors.

Learning Objectives

  • List the key milestones in the enrollment funnel, from prospect to matriculate.
  • Develop strategies for encouraging prospects to move through the enrollment funnel.
  • Describe features of WebAdmit and CRM software to encourage movement through the enrollment funnel.

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Julie Masterson, Ph.D.
Julie Masterson is Associate Provost - Dean of the Graduate College and Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Missouri State University. She holds various leadership positions for the Council of Graduate Schools and the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools and is on the advisory committees of the Missouri Science and Technology Policy Initiative, Education Testing Service (formerly GRE), and ProQuest. Julie was president of CAPCSD, member of the CSDCAS committee, served as VP for Research for ASHA, and a trustee for the ASHF. She received the Honors of the Association from ASHA in 2015, from CAPCSD in 2018, and was named one of the region’s Most Influential Women by Springfield Business Journal in 2017.


Financial: Dr. Masterson is a salaried employee at Missouri State University and is receiving an honorarium from CAPCSD for presenting this webinar.
Non-Financial: All applications to MSU graduate programs are processed through CAS software which is hosted by Liaison International. Dr. Masterson has presented for Liaison many times.

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