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CAP's 3rd Annual Public Affairs Symposium

The physician members of the Cooperative of American Physicians have a long tradition of participating in public policy activities to address issues that may impact their ability to care for patients. On September 22, we invite you to join a panel of experts on state and federal policy for CAP’s 3rd Annual Public Affairs Symposium.

During this year’s symposium, you will have the opportunity to discuss the critical issues being debated in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. In California, the gubernatorial recall election, the 2022 state and federal elections under newly re-drawn district lines are among the top issues to consider in addition to the highly anticipated fight to protect MICRA.

On the Federal side, Congress’s efforts on the No Surprise Billing law passed last December will be another area to explore. One major difference in the new federal law with California’s current No Surprise Billing statute is the issue of dispute resolution between providers and insurers. Whereas California’s law favors insurers, the new federal law better positions providers in the resolution process.