CAP TODAY/BD Webinar: Transitioning from Culture to Molecular: MRSA and S. aureus

November 1, 2017
Wed 1:00 PM EDT

Duration 1H 0M

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Transitioning from Culture to Molecular:
MRSA and
S. aureus

Why should you register now for this webinar?
To learn the how and why of moving from culture to molecular screening
for MRSA and S. aureus.
Brought to you by: CAP TODAY
Moderated by: Bob McGonnagle, Publisher, CAP TODAY
Presenter: Joel Mortensen, PhD

What will this webinar empower you to do?
Understand best practices for S. aureus and MRSA screening
Discuss the benefits of test consolidation onto one molecular platform
Recognize the value of molecular testing versus the cost of molecular testing
Ask your questions of our distinguished presenters

CAP TODAY does not endorse any of the products or services named within. The webinar is made possible by a special educational grant from BD.


  • Bob McGonnagle

    Publisher, CAP TODAY

  • Joel Mortensen, PhD

    Director of the Diagnostic Infectious Diseases Testing Laboratories, Cincinnati Children's Hospital