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2020 CAS Virtual Workshop - Reserving Bootcamp

What better way to jump start or refresh your loss reserving skill than in this four-part loss reserving bootcamp? This series will enhance your basic and intermediate skills and prepare you for the more advanced loss reserving topics to be presented. Participants will evaluate and estimate reserves, from data organization to selecting the best estimate. Using hands-on learning, participants will work with experienced loss reserving professionals, using realistic loss and expense claims data. Sessions’ goals are to build triangles; compute and select loss development factors; perform a variety of loss and loss adjustment expense reserving methods; compare the results of the various methods and their strengths and weaknesses; review additional information and take that into consideration in the methods and estimates; and make final reserve selections. This workshop is appropriate for actuaries as well as non-actuaries.


(Optional) Intro to Reserving
Exercises 1-4 and Quiz

Reserving Basics
Exercises 5-9 and Quiz

Basic Reserving Calculations
Exercises 10-16 and Quiz

Reserving Methods
Exercises 17-25 and Quiz

Comparison of Methods/Selections