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Git and GitHub Microlearning Series

A number of microlearning videos created to help guide you through Git and the CAS GitHub.
  • Git
    • What is Git? Why Git? (LO-G1)
      • The best operational risk tool you are not using
    • Basic Git Operations
      • Creating first project (LO-G2)
      • Ignoring Files (LO-G3)
      • Branching (LO-G4)
      • Add remote (LO-G5)

  • GitHub
    • What is Github? What is the purpose of it? (LO-GH1)
      • What kinds of materials can you find on GitHub?
      • Why use CAS’s GitHub? (open/public access)
        • Extension of eForum and Variance
    • How do you engage with GitHub?
      • Your account (LO-GH2)
      • Repo Features (LO-GH3)
    • Completing a pull request (LO-GH4)
      • Adding to the project