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Ways of Working: How the Pandemic has Changed How Actuaries Work

2022 Webinar - Ways of Working: How the Pandemic has Changed How Actuaries Work - January 20

The pandemic has impacted insurance prices, products, processes and its people. Ways of working during the pandemic shifted – but where will it head in the future? During this moderated discussion, industry leaders will discuss how actuarial departments are functioning now and what the expectations are for the future. There will also be significant audience polling to gauge broader industry views. The objective of the session is to raise awareness to changing “ways of working” so that individuals and companies can be best prepared.

Learning Objectives:

  1. For actuarial managers, raise awareness and deepen the understanding of the evolution of work so that your business unit, and company can proactively revisit ways of working.
  2. For junior colleagues, be better prepared to manage personal career development given the changes ahead.
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