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2022 Virtual ERMM for CERA

The Enterprise Risk Management and Modeling Seminar for CERA Qualification is the first of two requirements of current CAS Fellows (or Associates with Exams 7 and 9) to be a credentialed CERA by the CAS. The second requirement is passing the SP9 Enterprise Risk Management Specialist Technical Exam of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. 

The main purposes of this virtual seminar is to:

  1. Prepare attendees for active engagement in the ERM process within an organization by discussing real world approaches to ERM as practiced by companies.
  2. Increase participants' understanding of ERM processes, tools, and techniques through lectures, hands-on case studies, and role-playing.
This seminar will involve both lectures and hands-on applications through four ERM case studies ("mini-cases"). Participants will work to complete technical exercises, and to role play and present their approaches to tackling various issues via the four mini-cases.

During the course, instructors will require participants to use their technical actuarial expertise in support of strategic decisions affecting risk and capital management. Participants will apply technical knowledge to real world strategic decision-making and think from the holistic viewpoint of an enterprise-wide officer. Additionally, the course will integrate actuarial science with financial economics, encouraging participants to consider risk/capital issues from a new perspective. Economic capital model output related to the mini-cases will be provided to registrants for downloading.