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R Installation - Microlearning Videos

These short instructional videos will give you the information you need to install R onto your computer for your own use or as a pre-requisite for continuing education activities that require R.

Presenter: Brian Fannin, Staff Actuary, Casualty Actuarial Society

Video Outline:

  1. Installation of R on Windows
    1. What is CRAN?
    2. Installation
    3. The installr package
    4. Rtools
  2. Installation of RStudio on Windows
    1. What is RStudio?
    2. Installing RStudio
  3. Installation of R for Mac
    1. What is CRAN?
    2. Installation
    3. What is RStudio?
    4. Installing RStudio
  4. Packages
    1. What is a package?
    2. How do I install and use them?
    3. How do I update my packages?
  5. Ancillary tools
    1. Exercise: knit a simple document
    2. Miktex
    3. Pandoc