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2019 Webinar Recordings Bundle

This package is a compiliation of all webinar recordings given in the year 2019. These webinars include the following:

  1. Effective P&C Opinions
  2. Doubling Down on Data Manipulation in R: data.table and dplyr
  3. Overview and Practical Applications of Machine Learning Methods in Pricing 
  4. Collision Avoidance Systems and their Impact on the Insurance Industry 
  5. Future of Actuarial Work: Actuarial Automation Technology
  6. Recent Weather Extremes: Outliers or a New Normal?
  7. Balancing Risk and Capital
  8. Professionalism Case Studies (2018 Repeat)
  9. The Data Quality Challenge
  10. Best Practices for Evaluating a Driving Behavior Score for Use in a Mobile Telematics Program
  11. Enhanced Collaboration and Risk Management with Git 
  12. Wildfire Risk in the West: Where We Are, Where We Came From, Where We Might Be Going
  13. Analytics for Social Impact
  14. Professionalism Case Studies (New)
  15. Impact of Brexit on Reinsurance
International webinar recordings are also included for your convenience.