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Best of 2020 - CAS Events

Based on the ratings (and ravings) of our 2020 virtual event attendees, the CAS has put together a package of the TOP three sessions from our signature events of 2020. This package is available to members for $200 and to non-members for $400. Congratulations to the top speakers for a job well done!

The sessions available in the package are listed below:

2020 CAS Spring Meeting

  • Insuring Low-Income People against Catastrophes in Developing Countries
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Identities & Allyship in Actuarial Workplaces
  • The Road Ahead: Autonomous Trucking and Its Impact on Insurance
2020 Seminar on Reinsurance
  • Drivers of Social Inflation and the Impact on Casualty Results
  • Environmental Liability
  • Professionalism Trivia
2020 Ratemaking, Product, and Modeling Seminar
  • Back to the Future of Professionalism
  • Data Visualization for the P&C Actuary
  • Insurance on Demand
2020 Casualty Loss Reserve Seminar
  • Coffee Klatch for Opinion Writers
  • Current Issues for Your 2021 Statement of Actuarial Opinion and Reserve Report
  • Florida Homeowners: The 21st Century Version of Whack-A-Mole
2020 In Focus Seminar
  • Data Visualization for the P&C Actuary
  • Pandemics Risk Transfer – Dealing Data, Demand, and Price
  • The Road Less Traveled
2020 CAS Annual Meeting
  • Pandemic Risk Management: Contingency Planning and Allocation
  • The New Workplace: Trends for 2021 and Beyond
  • A New Categorization Scale for Global Tropical Cyclones & the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season