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Best of 2021 - CAS Events

Based on the ratings (and ravings) of our 2021 virtual event attendees, the CAS has put together a package of the TOP three sessions from our signature events of 2021. This package is available to members for $200 and to non-members for $400. Congratulations to the top speakers for a job well done!

July 29, 2022 Discount Code:
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The sessions available in the package are listed below:

2021 RPM Seminar

  • A Primer on Algorithmic Fairness in Insurance
  • Pandemics, Politics and P/C Insurance: The Indelible Legacy of COVID-19
  • Professionalism, Uh, Finds a Way
2021 Spring Meeting
  • Natural Catastrophe Update and Trends
  • Social Inflation: A Trend Model for Medical Professional Liability
  • When is Premium More Risky Than Loss?
2021 Seminar on Reinsurance
  • Crop Insurance Modeling and Market Overview
  • Equity & Inclusion: Advancing Diverse Teams from Mid-Level to Management and Beyond
  • We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! Midwest Derechos / Thunderstorms
2021 CLRS
  • Practical Considerations for Reserving for Emerging Mass Tort Exposure
  • State of the Commercial & Personal Auto Markets
  • The Dynamics of Actuarial Reserving Departments – Past, Present and Future
2021 Annual Meeting
  • Machine Learning Powered Pricing: from GLMs to GAMs
  • Proposed Changes to the US Qualification Standards
  • The Evolving Cyber Landscape and Insurance Business Model