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Best of 2022 - CAS Events

Based on the ratings (and ravings) of our 2022 attendees, the CAS has put together a package of the top three sessions from our signature events of 2022. This package is available to members for $150 and to non-members for $200.

2022 RPM

  • Are MGAs the Future of Underwriting?
  • The Computer Knows Your Secrets: The Power, Challenge, and Opportunities of AI + Personal Data
  • COVID-19 Impact on Workers Compensation
2022 Spring Meeting
  • Building Resilience as an Actuary
  • Travelers Reserving Cooking Show
  • We're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! Midwest Derechos/Thunderstorms
2022 Reinsurance
  • Cyber Insurance – What is next after a 100% pricing increase?
  • D & O Market Update and Emerging Issues
  • Excess Casualty/Umbrella
2022 CLRS
  • Ceded Reserving – It’s Not as Simple as Subtraction
  • The Road to Vehicle Automation from an Insurance Perspective
  • State of Commercial Automobile Insurance
2022 Annual Meeting
  • ADAS: Why Isn't It Working? Or Is It???
  • Used is the New New: A Changing Auto Market
  • Winning the Communication Battle