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Policies and Procedures Boot Camp On-Demand

Policies and Procedures Boot Camp

Is your organization compliant with the latest policies and procedures as outlined in the uniform guidance? Do your policies and procedures minimize risk and enhance your chances of success?

Policies, procedures, and processes are the lifeline that determine the probability of organizational compliance for grant managers. Grant professionals know that policies and procedures directly impact your ability to effectively manage grant projects. More often, grant professionals struggle with the challenges of implementing procedures that make sense to the end user so that they aren’t avoided, sidestepped or dismissed.

In this Policies and Procedures Boot Camp from Thompson Grants, you will learn about:
  • Strength and weaknesses of your entity’s policies and procedures and whether they contribute to grant progress or hinder outcomes.
  • Absolute “must-have” policies required under the uniform guidance
  • Policies and procedures as they relate to the grant lifecycle
  • How processes and procedures can be enhanced to make them meaningful to the end-user
  • How internal politics often present roadblocks to implementing new procedures and how to effectively proceed with change
  • Consequences of poor and weak internal controls and how they contribute to waste, fraud, and abuse of federal funds.
  • Case studies to determine the effectiveness of policies and procedures
This 3.5-hour on-demand video recording is designed for those who are responsible for grants oversight, as well as practitioners who are charged with implementation of grant management policies and procedures.


  • Individual Attendee: $295
  • Ask us about available group discounts! (1-800-677-3789 or

Meet Your Instructor

  Toni DeMaglio
Toni DeMaglio has worked in grant management for over twenty years and serves as a compliance officer for post-award management. In this capacity, she provides interpretation of policies and rules to insure the conformance of federal and state laws, rules, regulations and agency/program policies. Her primary responsibility is to keep grants in the state of audit-readiness by providing technical assistance to personnel in the areas of fiscal integrity as they relate to programmatic activities. She works closely project directors and financial services to prevent and identify activities and charges that would be unallowable under grant regulations, and if required, recommends corrective action plans. Toni designs grants management training for grant project directors, administrators and support staff. She also assures that statutory/administrative requirements and grant conditions have been met during the closeout of each grant.