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Navigating Your Uniform Guidance Responsibilities as Prime and Subrecipients

Are you looking for a training that covers the subaward process through the perspective of both the prime recipient and subrecipient? If so, then this eLearning course is for you!

This course focuses on the use of best practices to effectively manage the grant partnership and those that contribute to a successful relationship between the prime and subrecipient. In addition, the course will emphasize how the subrecipient can maintain an automatous role in the grant project while contributing to the project outcomes.

In this Navigating Your Uniform Guidance Responsibilities as Prime and Subrecipients eLearning course from Thompson Grants, you will:

  • Understand the various types of subawards available under the Uniform Guidance.
  • Gain knowledge to determine the type of award instrument that should be used to make a subaward, identify the components necessary for inclusion into a subaward agreement, and how subrecipients can negotiate the terms and conditions of the agreement.
  • Determine their readiness to lead a grant as the prime recipient
  • Learn the steps to take to assess whether or not engaging as a subrecipient with a particular entity will be a “good fit.”
  • Understand the necessary steps to take prior to making or accepting a subaward.
  • Review the obligations of the Pass-through entity as defined in 2 CFR 200, including risk assessment, monitoring, and closeout of the grant award.

This online course is essential for all grantees of Federal awards who serve as prime recipients or subrecipients. All course participants will receive 7.5 GPCI Credits.

Course Outline

Module 1: The Basics
Module 2: Before You Spend a Penny
Module 3: Implementation of a Subaward Agreement
Module 4: Delving Deeper into Subrecipient Monitoring

Course Availability

You may choose to participate in this course over a 6-week schedule with other students or you can participate at your own pace, which gives you complete control over when and where you choose to engage with the training.

  • Winter Session: January 6 - February 10, 2020 | Enter WINTER at checkout
  • Spring Session: April 6 - May 11, 2020 | Enter SPRING at checkout 
  • Summer Session: July 6 - August 10, 2020 | Enter SUMMER at checkout
  • Fall Session: October 5 - November 9, 2020 | Enter FALL at checkout
  • On-Demand eLearning: No Promocode needed at checkout


  • Students 1-9: $395 each
  • Students 10-24: $195 each
  • Students 25+: $95 each
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Meet Your Instructor

Toni DeMaglio is currently responsible for the post-award grant management at Seminole State College of Florida. In this capacity, she provides interpretation of policies and rules to insure the conformance of federal and state laws, rules, regulations and agency/program policies. Her primary responsibility is to keep grants in the state of audit-readiness by providing technical assistance to college personnel in the areas of fiscal integrity as they relate to programmatic activities. She works closely with project directors and financial services to prevent and identify activities and charges that would be unallowable under grant regulations, and if required, recommends corrective action plans. Toni designs College grants management training for grant project directors, administrators and support staff.  She also assures that statutory/administrative requirements and grant conditions have been met during the closeout of each grant.

In her 15 years of post-award management she has served in a grants compliance officer capacity at two institutions. Her pervious grants management experience includes serving as a project director for federal, state, and private grants, under her leadership, grants consistently exceeded their objectives.

Her consultant experience has included being retained as a compliance expert for a US Department of Labor grant; assessing post-award management gaps and recommending processes and procedure improvements; and assessing post-award management needs and designing grants management professional development training. She is often requested to present at national and statewide conferences on compliance and grant management issues; and has served as a peer panel reviewer for seven federal grant award competitions. Toni has chaired the Education Committee for the National Grants Management Association and served as a Director for the National Grants Management Association Board. She served as one of the six subject matter experts who developed the content of the Body of Knowledge for the Specialist Certification in Grants Management.