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Your Association, COVID-19 & The Future: A Townhall Event

Your Association, COVID-19 & The Future: A Townhall Event

2020 was an unprecedented year and much of the uncertainty remains as we move into 2021 and hopefully, a post-COVID world.

The goal of this event was to bring together a much larger peer network to share how challenges were tackled in 2020, lessons that were learned, and how organizations plan to move forward in this new year. The event hosted over 30 association executives and partners! 

During this two-day town hall, participants had the chance to ask industry experts and associations peers the questions you’ve probably been asking yourself like:

“How should we handle a transition back to the office?”
“How do we redesign our workspaces moving forward? 

“How are we managing productivity remotely” 
“How are new policies around employee leave enforced?”

“What if a staff member is high risk?”
“Should we sign an event contract for 2021?”

“What happens if we have to cancel completely, again?”
“Is anyone actually planning in person right now?” 

“What future proofing should we be putting into place?”
“How do we best assess cash flow?”
“What should we expect from PPP audits?” 

“How do we promote membership when our members are struggling?”
“What are associations doing to generate non-dues related revenue?” 

Sessions from the event included:

  • HR Policies and Employment Law in Unprecedented Times
  • Keeping Up Engagement As Remote Fatigue Sets In
  • Looming Finance and Compliance Questions
  • Navigating Your Return to the Office
  • To Sign or Not to Sign: The In Person Event Dilemma
  • Membership Marketing: Keeping your Selling Sensitive & your Association Afloat
  • Virtual Meeting Strategies & Facing Down Fatigue

In this recording you'll hear what the experts have to say and how your peers are handling things. You'll walk away feeling better prepared to take your organization through 2021 and find success!