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Welcome to EMERGENT!

Now in its fourth year, EMERGENT aims to bring together association staff at the forefront of emerging technology to present case studies highlighting their latest work. You’ll hear actual applications for these technologies being used by your association peers. If they can do it…so can you!

This year’s agenda features five sessions with topics including the latest digital marketing trends, data analytics, the power of video marketing, digital transformation, and data visualization. Register now to learn how these concepts have allowed organizations to reach new levels of success while gaining the knowledge you need to incorporate it into your own work.

PLUS...Join Amanda Hendley of the Computer Measurement Group as she shares the technology and cultural changes that allowed their company to continue to grow in 2020.


Day 1
The State of Association Marketing;
Aidan Augustin, Feathr and Nicole Bowman, International Association of Exhibitions and Events

Digital Transformation: A Conversation with AANA;
Eric O’Connor, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists & Dan Stevens, WorkerBee. TV, Inc.

If You Want Something (Huge) Done Right, Let a Machine Do It;
David Everett II, ISPE and Duncan Bell, Bumblebee

Leverage the Power of Video to Engage Your Members Year-Round: How the American Concrete Institute is Using Video Relationship Management Software to Drive Results;
Kevin Mlutkowski, ACI & Qin Coe, Gather Voices

Practical Data Visualization (and Analysis) for Association Professionals;
Matthew Braun, Specialty Food Association

Day 2
What Happens When a Technology Association Embraces Technology?;
Amanda Hendley and Whitney Brundage, Computer Management Group and Riley Sawyers and Natalie Van Auken, Socio Events