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Reevaluating Your Policies & Procedures

Reevaluating Your Policies & Procedures

To align with OMB’s revisions to the uniform guidance, recipients of grants and other federal financial assistance must re-evaluate — and most likely, update — their existing internal policies and procedures. In addition, entities and organizations that received special or emergency pandemic funding also need to ensure their recordkeeping and reporting practices follow agency requirements and guidance. This is not a one-and-done process; policy and procedure reviews should be conducted at least annually.

This eLearning course helps grant recipients balance their operational practices to ensure they stay in compliance with federal regulations and avoid audit findings that could cause them to lose their federal award funding.

In this e-learning course, grant expert Dan Durst, provides clear guidance for updating daily operational practices, policies and procedures to align with requirements affecting virtually every area of grants management.


Session 1: Policy and Procedure Requirements Under Uniform Guidance
Session 2: Policy, Procedure, and Work Instruction Best Practices
Session 3: Assessing Adequacy of Your Policies and Procedures – Part 1
Session 4: Assessing Adequacy of Your Policies and Procedures – Part 2

Meet Your Instructor:

Dan Durst is the Leader of the Federal Grants Compliance Practice at Capital Edge Consulting, the leading provider of compliance solutions for Federal award recipients. Dan uses his specialized and extensive knowledge in procurement, cost allocation, audit support, and internal controls to deliver a vast array of solutions to award recipients receiving funds from various Federal awarding agencies. Dan currently serves on the Thompson Grants Editorial Advisory Board, providing technical guidance and expert content on topics related to compliance with Uniform Guidance. He is also frequently featured as a speaker on Federal grants compliance issues for industry-recognized training organizations. Prior to joining Capital Edge, Dan was an audit supervisor and lead consultant for a member firm of the AICPA’s Government Audit Quality Center and has supervised and performed several Single Audits under both OMB A-133 and the new Uniform Guidance, Subpart F. Dan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting with a minor in Information Technology and a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from George Mason University.


Individual Attendee: $255

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