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Thompson Grants Workshop: Federal Grant Reporting - 2022 Update

Thompson Grants Workshop: Federal Grant Reporting - 2022 Update

Federal grant reporting requirements are becoming even more complex. Many federal grants are requiring and monitoring new performance measures, both financial and non-financial, from an ever-growing list of players in the grants management process.

Join us for this virtual on-demand workshop that covers emerging topics in federal grant reporting. We feature two in-depth and interactive sessions.


Session 1, FFATA Reminders, will cover:
✓ The FFATA requirements
✓ Which grant awards are subject to the executive compensation requirements
✓ The types of subgrantees which are required to be reported
✓ The reporting requirements

Session 2, Federal Grant reporting reminders, will cover:
✓ The basic forms required to be submitted for many grants
✓ Key monitoring processes to facilitate reporting
✓ Key report writing techniques needed for developing effective reports
✓ The implications of the GREAT Act on future grant reporting

As federal, state grant monitors, and auditors are increasing their scrutiny of grant reporting and increasing the visibility of the reports issued, it is imperative your organization stays up to date. Donors and taxpayers are increasingly demanding transparency from not for profits and governments on how monies are being spent. All parties are using these reports to drive future funding decisions. This results in the need for clear, concise reports.

Attendees who will benefit most include:
✓ Chief Financial Officer
✓ Director of Finance
✓ Director of Budget
✓ Accounting Manager
✓ Grants Manager

Meet Your Instructor:

Jack Reagan is a Partner at UHY LLP in Columbia Maryland with over thirty years of experience in the audit and evaluation of federal, state and local government and not-for-profit financial statements, internal controls, and accounting and financial management systems and operations. He has overseen numerous projects demonstrating his extensive knowledge of accounting, financial management, auditing and budget to include developing and revising operating policies and procedures for federal and state and local government agencies and designing or evaluating financial reporting internal controls. He has also conducted numerous Single Audits and Uniform Grant Guidance audits, both in the Washington DC area as well as nationally. He is a widely sought-after speaker on governmental accounting, auditing and grants management topics.