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Driving Sponsorship Results in 2022

With the today’s dizzying combination of live, virtual and hybrid events, it can be harder than ever to sell sponsorship opportunities. Yet bringing in those revenues has never been more critical to associations and nonprofits—and you simply can’t do it with traditional offerings or sales tactics. Driving results–especially this year–means re-imagining your programs and the way you approach sponsors. It means being able to answer all-new questions, build stronger relationships and avoid crucial mistakes. This on-demand half-day workshop will arm you with the next-level steps and strategies it takes to succeed in 2022.

In this interactive workshop, Certified Dale Carnegie Training instructor Lewis Flax presents revenue-generating strategies and sales techniques tailored specifically to associations seeking to drive strong sponsorship results throughout 2022.


Session 1: Structuring Your Sponsorship Program During Uncertain Times
You’ll learn easy-to-follow strategies for revisiting your sponsorship program—and revitalizing both sponsorship offerings and revenues. You’ll be surprised at how quickly a few changes can help you raise new revenue, including how to:
• Identify and address critical challenges affecting sponsorship results
• Approach your sponsors to re-imagine your sponsorship program
• How to define the three sponsorship tiers (they are not gold, silver and bronze) and move to the next level

Session 2: Sponsorship Sales in a New Era
During this session, you’ll learn effective new sales tactics you can use to connect with your top sponsors, build stronger relationships and bring in additional revenue, including how to:
• Gain sponsors’ buy-in by answering their questions without addressing the uncertainty of your events
• Reach out to fewer sponsors yet bring in more revenue
• Reduce the time you spend on your sponsorship efforts

Meet Your Trainer:

Lewis Flax specializes in assisting association and nonprofits generate revenue. His hands-on approach has helped numerous organizations implement income generating strategies and learn and apply critical sales techniques resulting in additional funding. His firm, Flax Associates, established in 2008, serves as a partner in driving revenue and results for associations. He is a certified instructor for Dale Carnegie Training (Winning with Relationship Selling). The sales approaches Lewis has learned have been specifically tailored for the association community. Lewis understands the challenges associations face, both from an outside consultant’s point of view and from the internal perspective of a nonprofit executive. Previously, Lewis served as a Vice President for IEG (a sponsorship consulting firm) and served on the leadership team at Financial Executives International (FEI).