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Virtual Federal Grants Forum for IHEs On-Demand

Administering Federal grants is uniquely challenging at institutions of higher education. Despite the Federal Government’s efforts to impose uniformity in grant regulations and guidance for all Non-Federal Entities, campus cultures and operational dynamics can vary greatly at different colleges and universities. Institutions come in many different sizes and organizational structures, leading to the investment of resources in grant staffing and support systems varying widely. With the the Uniform Grant Guidance, everything from the way you apply for grants to how you manage your funding has changed. It’s imperative that your entire team is not only up-to-date on the all grants rules and regulations, but you understand the best way to accomplish that in the specialized college and university setting.

Join us at the virtual Federal Grants Forum for Institutions of Higher Education from September 28th through September 29th to learn about coronavirus-related grants considerations, the compliance supplement, and how grants are affected by the uniform guidance changes. This is the compliance information you need to confidently manage your grants and protect your funding.
Our two-day agenda includes 8 powerhouse sessions that cover everything you need to know – start to finish – about how to tackle the toughest grants management challenges, specifically for institutions of higher education, while addressing how COVID-19 has changed the game. You’ll be able to ask your specific questions directly to our trainer in our virtual learning environment as you watch the presentations.


Toni De Maglio- Grants Compliance Officer, Seminole State College
For over twenty-five years, Toni De Maglio has performed post-award grant management duties, and served as a compliance officer at two institutions of higher education. In this capacity, she provided interpretation of policies and rules to ensure the conformance of federal and state laws, rules, regulations, and agency/program policies. Her primary responsibility was to keep grants in the state of audit-readiness by providing technical assistance to college personnel in the areas of fiscal integrity as they relate to programmatic activities. She worked closely with project directors and financial services to prevent and identify activities and charges that would be unallowable under grant regulations, and if required, recommends corrective action plans. Toni designed grants management training for grant project directors, administrators, and support staff. She also assured that statutory/administrative requirements and grant conditions have been met during the closeout of each grant.

Dan Durst- Director, Capital Edge Consulting
Dan Durst co-leads the Federal Grants Compliance Practice at Capital Edge Consulting, Inc. and has over a decade of experience in various accounting and compliance issues related to Federal government contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements. Dan’s areas of expertise include Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal awards to non-Federal entities (Uniform Guidance), and Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Dan is also skilled in various levels of audit support, including Business System Reviews, Single Audit, and Inspector General audits.