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2023 Thompson Grants Workshop - Subrecipient Monitoring On-Demand

It is essential for recipients of federal grant funds to understand the many facets of overseeing funding passed through to their subrecipients.
In this Thompson Grants Workshop, you will learn best practices for monitoring subawards under the uniform guidance, how to successfully manage these obligations, and how subrecipients can work more effectively with their pass-through entity to achieve the mission of the grant program.
Attendees will gain insight into their roles and responsibilities, as well as practical solutions to common challenges that occur in complex grant projects. Whether you are a pass-through entity or subrecipient, this workshop is not to be missed!

Who will benefit?

-Project Managers
-Project Investigators
-Grant Managers
-Compliance Officers
-Finance Managers
-Grant Accounts
-Members of Senior Leadership teams

Meet Your Instructor –

Partner, UHY LLP
Jack Reagan is a Partner at UHY LLP in Columbia Maryland with over thirty years of experience in the audit and evaluation of federal, state and local government and not-for-profit financial statements, internal controls, and accounting and financial management systems and operations. He has overseen numerous projects demonstrating his extensive knowledge of accounting, financial management, auditing and budget to include developing and revising operating policies and procedures for federal and state and local government agencies and designing or evaluating financial reporting internal controls. He has also conducted numerous Single Audits and Uniform Grant Guidance audits, both in the Washington DC area as well as nationally. He is a widely sought-after speaker on governmental accounting, auditing and grants management topics.