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Assess & Learn: Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Welcome to the Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Assess and Learn course!

CDR’s Assess and Learn modules are not your traditional online continuing education courses. Instead, the focus is on assessing what knowledge and skills you currently have in a particular area of practice.

While RDs have always played a significant role in health promotion and disease prevention, the increased emphasis on prevention in federal policy and legislation, by healthcare and health insurance systems, and among consumers creates a growing need for RDs to be competent in promoting the role of diet and nutrition in sustaining optimal health for all. This course will be helpful in assessing your knowledge and skills in primary prevention, with a focus on overweight and obesity prevention.

In this course, there are five case scenarios, each one addressing one of the five levels of the social ecological model. The scenarios are somewhat interrelated to reinforce the concept that RDs can address primary prevention of overweight and obesity through many diverse approaches. The scenarios also demonstrate the interconnectedness of RDs’ work across a community and the need for RDs to be players and leaders at all levels and in all sectors of society. The content provided for any one level is not intended to be a comprehensive assessment of competencies for that level but the knowledge, competencies and skills assessed across all five levels will give RDs a good sense of their role in the social ecological approach to promotion of nutrition in health promotion and disease prevention.

The outcome of the course is to provide performance feedback to assist you in determining your learning needs based on the Essential Practice Competencies for CDR Credentialed Professionals, and not based on assessments that you pass or fail.