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Assess & Learn: Gerontological Nutrition

Welcome to the Gerontological Nutrition Assess and Learn course!

CDR’s Assess and Learn modules are not your traditional online continuing education courses. Instead, the focus is on assessing what knowledge and skills you currently have in a particular area of practice.

This course will be helpful in assessing your knowledge and ability to manage the unique nutrition challenges of working with the gerontological population with emphasis on using the nutrition care process (NCP).

The outcome of the course is to provide performance feedback to assist you in determining your learning needs based on the Essential Practice Competencies for CDR Credentialed Practitioners, and not based on assessments that you pass or fail.

With the growing population of older adults, the health care system will see increasing demands for care of older adults across many settings such as in-home caregiving, adult day centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and hospitals. Gerontological RDs provide nutrition care that directly contributes to the quality of life and optimal health for older adults across the continuum of care and in a wide range of settings. Providing effective healthcare that includes comprehensive food and nutrition services is paramount to older adults retaining their independence and aging well in place.

Completing this course does not fulfill the ethics requirement for RDs/DTRs

CPEUs: 4.75 CPEUs
CDR Activity Number: 181460