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Eucharistic Devotions

This course will help us consider the extraordinary nature of worshipping the Eucharist outside of Mass.

This online independent study course explores some of the major Eucharistic Devotions that the Church developed throughout history. Students will reflect upon the history of Eucharistic devotions outside of Mass, reasons that the Second Vatican Council declared that the Eucharist is the “source and summit” of the Christian life; the theology behind Benediction, Exposition, and the rise of Eucharistic customs including the Forty Hours Devotion, as well as, the historical background, theology, and pastoral significance of the celebration and rites of liturgical feasts such as Corpus Christi and Eucharistic Congresses. Those who complete this course should be able to summarize traditional Eucharistic devotions and explain ways in which devotion to the Eucharist outside of Mass prepares for and flows from the liturgy, acting as a vehicle for Christian unity.