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Scriptural Foundations of the Hail Mary

This course will examine the "Hail Mary" and its scriptural and theological connections.

This online independent study course will explore the Scriptural background and context of the Hail Mary as it reveals Christ’s teaching about rebirth through the Holy Spirit and spiritual maternity and fruition. Students will analyze the scriptural background of the words and sentences of the Hail Mary, with particular focus on the reasons St. Luke presents Mary as preeminently graced and blessed in biblical salvation history. Furthermore, the course will consider how St. Luke’s representation of Mary as the “Ark of the Covenant made Flesh” underpins the doctrines of her Assumption into Heaven so as to become the recipient of prayers for intercession “now” and at the “hour of our death. The course will be of interest to teachers, pastors, and people engaged in ecumenical dialogue and apologetics.