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Eldercare Webinar: Trauma-Informed Care - Practical Implications

Presented on February 21, 2019
Traumatic experiences can affect the physiology as well as the behaviors and reactions of survivors. This session will explore the current understanding of trauma and the ways in which it may manifest in older adults. Trauma-informed care is the standard of practice in other fields and there is much for aging services to learn. Phase 3 of the CMS Requirements of Participation requires that by November 2019 all nursing homes will practice trauma-informed care using the SAMHSA framework. Policies and procedures need to be developed; training needs to be conducted at many levels; supportive behavioral health services need to be in place; and internal champions must be cultivated. The principles of trauma-informed care have profound implications for all staff members and for the organizational culture. This session will explore the "nuts and bolts" of implementing trauma-informed care and introduce participants to tools and resources that can help.