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Webinar Series: The Elderly - Our Future, Webinar I: A New Document from the Pontifical Academy for Life

Presented on March 9, 2021
Revered by some cultures and pushed aside and forgotten by others, elders are more and more in our midst. This webinar series will open a conversation starting from the newest Vatican document, Old Age: Our Future – The elderly after pandemic, and stretch thinking on possibilities for how Catholic and fellow faith-based ministries as well as others must partner and innovate to meet the critical needs of the growing population of elders and the impact on them from the pandemic.

This webinar will set the stage for a four-event series to unpack the themes and share successful practices to assist elders and caregivers. The webinar will include a message from the document's primary author, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, and an insightful review of the document and its themes and the call it offers to the elderly and those who care for them.