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How to Talk About Climate Change - CHA's 2020 Earth Day Webinar

Presented on April 13, 2020

Co-sponsored by the Catholic Climate Covenant

Most Americans understand that climate change is real and are concerned about it. But most still see climate change as a threat not concerning them personally, in both time and place, and as something that threatens the future of polar bears but not necessarily people. The reality, however, is starkly different: Climate change is already causing problems in communities in every region of our nation, and from a doctor's perspective, it's harming our health.

CHA's 2020 Earth Day webinar, titled "How to Talk About Climate Change," features Dr. Edward Maibach, a communication scientist who is an expert in the uses of strategic communication and social marketing to address climate change and related public health challenges. Sharing results of recent research testing of language to help professionals talk about climate solutions as health solutions as well as much more of his expertise, Dr. Maibach will guide webinar participants on how to talk about climate change — to their colleagues, neighbors and policy makers.

In addition to the communications conversation, in honor of the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato si', CHA is joining the Catholic Climate Covenant (CCC) in the Catholic Climate Project. Jose Aguto, associate director of the CCC, will join in the webinar to describe how CHA members can participate in this church-wide celebration.