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Laudato Si´ Action Platform: Answering the Call to Care for Creation

Presented on October 6, 2022

About the Laudato Si' Action Platform
Launched in 2021, the Vatican-sponsored grassroots effort is mobilizing the global Catholic Church to take action rooted in Catholic social teaching, to stop the destruction of our common home, and care for those most impacted by environmental degradation and climate change.

This webinar will answer questions about the Platform, including:

  • What is the Laudato Si’ Action Platform and what are its goals?
  • Why is Catholic health care viewed as a critical partner?
  • How can Laudato Si’ Action Platform participation strengthen and support your organization’s environmental stewardship strategies?

As the ecological crisis worsens, the window is closing to take widespread, transformational action that can limit its worst effects. Given the size and reach of the global Church, the Vatican sees this initiative as the catalyst to build a societal movement that can have the critical mass needed to push for radical change.