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Dementia Care During a Time of COVID

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COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on most long-term care facilities. In the last eight months, most have had to adjust and improvise their policies and procedures to accommodate new challenges and demands placed on residents and their families by both the pandemic and evolving government responses to the pandemic.
The impact of COVID-19 has been significant on residents with dementia. The challenges of providing optimal dementia care have significantly increased due to COVID-related adjustments. During this webinar, using both the latest research and "in situ" experience, Avila Institute of Gerontology presenters will provide:

  • A recap of the very latest research on the disease's causing dementia
  • Application of this research to identify the changing goalposts in dementia care, focusing on the limitations in providing optimal dementia care due to COVID-19 restrictions
Join CHA for this webinar that will provide insights and address challenges facing dementia care in relation to the pandemic.