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Eldercare Webinar: Delirium in LTC — COVID Implications

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Delirium is an acute, fluctuating disturbance in awareness and cognition that can occur in older people. It can be reversibleand often preventable. It is almost always frightening and devastating to older people and their families. This webinar will feature nationally-recognized expert Donna M. Fick, Ph.D., Elouise Ross Eberly Endowed Professor, Penn State College of Nursing; director, Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence; and editor, Journal of Gerontological Nursing, who will discuss the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on delirium among long-term care residents. She will discuss assessment, prevention and management of this costly and burdensome condition. She will also cover the need to prevent delirium through basic nursing practices of daily mobility, hydration, and sensory enhancement, while emphasizing a non-pharmacological person-centered approach to care.