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Investing in Community Health: A Toolkit for Hospitals

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A CHA/Vizient Community Benefit Webinar

Decades of structural racism and disinvestment have resulted in places of concentrated poverty and significant health inequity. When crisis hits, as we have seen with COVID-19 and its economic fallout, the people who live in these communities, especially Black and Latinx people, suffer disproportionately and recovery is lengthy and uneven.

This CHA/Vizient webinar will introduce a new toolkit, developed in collaboration with the Center for Community Investment, designed to help health care organizations create investment strategies that can help improve social, economic, and environmental conditions in disadvantaged communities – which in turn improves community health – while producing some economic return for investors.

Right now, the health care sector is rightly preoccupied with responding to COVID-19. Yet, the time will come when our communities will need to recover from the pandemic and its economic and health consequences. Community investment will be critical to building back better and the steps outlined in the toolkit can help health care organizations be part of the effort to mobilize and deploy needed capital.