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Donations for Disaster Relief: Intentions and Impact

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First do no harm — that's our mantra as a health care community striving to shepherd health and wellness in the communities we serve. The same passion and innovation that fuels our work here in the U.S. can also lead our activities in times of disaster — when we feel compelled to respond to the call to serve our neighbors in need. So how do we best provide support to those suffering in times of disaster?

This one-hour webinar will provide Catholic health care with statistics, impacts and lessons learned from past disasters in Indonesia, U.S.A., Samoa, Haiti and beyond. Juanita Rilling will share her experience from involvement in the aftermath of several disasters as director of the Center for International Disaster Information, as well as her work in the Senate. She will offer a unique perspective that can help all involved in disaster response ensure that the response is appropriate and in keeping with health care's commitment to first do no harm.