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Physician, Heal Thyself? Living the Mission in Catholic Health Care by Addressing Physician Wellness

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Catholic health care emphasizes care for the whole patient: body, mind and soul, but do we extend this focus to those who are responsible for providing that care? What is our responsibility to take care of those who are providing holistic patient care in this time of radical health care change and uncertainty? This one-hour webinar focuses on the mission of Catholic health care in relation to physician well-being. Presenters focus on how physicians can recapture meaning in their work and highlight causes of physician burnout. They share strategies for successfully implementing a physician wellness program. The presenters describe steps to help an organization transition from a "physician heal thyself" mentality to formally supporting physicians' health and wellness so that they, in turn, can provide compassionate care to those whom they serve. In a time when 54 percent of physicians report that they are experiencing burnout, this is an important topic. Physician wellness not only impacts the provider's health, but also, patient outcomes and safety.