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Principles of Writing Learning Goals and Objectives

Principles of Writing Learning Goals and Objectives
No CE Credit for this Course
Recorded: May 5, 2022

This learning module is part of the professional development series for faculty and residents put together by MEI and the Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons. This series provides resources and information on a variety of topics aimed at enabling medical educators in their role to pass on the skills, knowledge and professional characteristics necessary for medical students and resident trainees.

After completing this module:
  • The learner will be able to give two advantages of good objectives for both the teacher and learner.
  • The learner will be able to properly identify which of statements are objectives 75% of the time and properly categorize them using Bloom’s taxonomy.
  • The learner will use the ABCD and the SMARTER mnemonics to write three high-level objectives for the cognitive and psychomotor domains and one in the affective domain.
  • The learner will take three objectives from one of their own, or an unrelated lecture or from this lecture and critique them according to the concepts mentioned in this lecture.